Superior Quality & Durability

Arrital kitchens are built to last and this can be seen in the details making up the kitchen's structure; small details that the untrained eye does not see but that make a huge difference.

Whole Inner Compartments

Beyond simply looking good on the outside, the kitchen's inner units are comprised of whole blocks as opposed to the usual frame-sides and hollow middle. The structure is therefore much stronger and more durable, especially when considering that one has to add a heavy surface such as quartz or granite on top of the kitchen structure.

Stronger Leg Supports

Another feature unique to Arrital kitchens is the leg supports, usually one of the first parts of the kitchen known to require maintenance. Since our leg supports are not inserted directly into base but have a plate fitted into bottom of the unit with the leg inserted into this plate, cupboards can support much more weight and therefore dramatically improve your kitchen's lifespan.

Quality Hinges, Rails & Drawers

Furthermore, also reducing the headaches of maintenance for our clients is the mechanisms of hinges, rails and drawers. These are all made by BLUM, a highly reputable international brand, which strives for quality and durability on top of everything else. You can therefore rest assured that you will not be having to fix and adjust these mechanisms every few months.

Heat & Water Resistant

Something else also worth mentioning is that our kitchens are heat and water resistant. This is why our kitchens come with a guarantee against heat and humidity problems; two very important conditions when living in Malta.

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Delivery is free and so is installation by experienced, well-trained professional craftsmen.

The Arrital Kitchen in Malta

Arrital kitchens are the result of constant investment in design and are made with quality and style in mind. Every feature focuses on the details and ensures that everything from the material used to the techniques behind their assembly is 100% to the highest of standards

Harmony of shapes, surfaces and materials are brought together to satisfy the most demanding and innovative tastes in interiors and give value to your space.

The Modern Kitchen

In Arrital the idea behind a modern kitchen builds up with its modules, in the dialogue between large surfaces and containing elements, in the balance between innovative materials and finishes that like to surprise. Arrital modern kitchens are the outcome of an instinct to look for constant evolution and a new form of design, elegant, pleasant but always attentive to functionality and ergonomics. Sinuous lines or straight determined ones, delicate mix of lights or bright lacquered colours, changing shapes or pure volumes design the new living space. A modern space by the intense personality able to satisfy the aesthetic needs of the most demanding. Modules by the wide range of colours, finishes, materials and accessories let you personalize each and every kitchen.

The Classic Kitchen

The Arrital traditional kitchen is about strength, precision, functionality and intelligent performances. It’s an idea of materials, colours, shapes, design and performance, to make everyday life easier and harmonious. The warm finishes of our wooden kitchen styles, the care for details and the choice of materials to enhance the thicknesses, lines and volumes makes every Arrital proposal a clear traditional statement, satisfying the widest and most demanding requirements thanks to its versatile modules and impressive offer of colours, finishes and accessories. An outstanding offer to minimise the spaces usually not taken advantage of.

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